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School Anxiety Package

Are you a parent concerned about your teenager's school anxiety?


Meet Jason, The Teen Anxiety Coach, a certified professional specialising in solution-focused hypnotherapy for young people.

With extensive experience in helping teens overcome mental health challenges, Jason has developed a comprehensive School Anxiety Package designed to support your child through their school anxiety and transform their academic experience.

Introducing the School Anxiety Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy Package

Navigating the pressures of school can be overwhelming for many teenagers. From social anxiety to exam stress, these challenges can significantly impact their well-being and academic performance.


School Anxiety Package is specifically crafted to address these issues through a targeted approach that empowers young people to manage their anxiety and thrive in the school environment.

Free Initial Consultation

Before beginning the program, I offer a free initial consultation.

This session is essential in understanding your teenager's unique challenges and goals. It provides an opportunity for you and your child to meet me, discuss concerns, and establish a positive, solution-focused approach to therapy.

How the Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy Session Can Make a Difference

Following the initial consultation, the program includes a comprehensive solution-focused hypnotherapy session designed to support your teenager through their school anxiety. Here’s how this session contributes to their well-being:

  1. Understanding Anxiety and Building Awareness: Jason educates your teenager about anxiety, helping them understand its mechanisms and triggers. This knowledge empowers them to recognise and manage their anxious thoughts and feelings.

  2. Developing Coping Strategies: Practical coping strategies tailored to your child's needs are introduced. These techniques, grounded in solution-focused hypnotherapy, provide immediate relief and tools they can use in stressful school situations.

  3. Hypnotherapy for Relaxation and Confidence: The session utilises hypnotherapy to promote deep relaxation and build self-confidence. Through guided hypnosis, your teenager learns to access a calm state of mind and visualise successful outcomes, reinforcing positive behaviour and reducing anxiety.

  4. Reinforcement and Progress Tracking: The session also includes a review of the progress made, reinforcing the strategies and techniques learned. This is crucial for consolidating gains and ensuring your teenager feels supported and motivated to continue their journey.​

Why Choose Jason - The Teen Anxiety Coach?

  • Experienced and Compassionate: Jason brings years of experience and a deep understanding of teenage mental health challenges, offering a compassionate and supportive approach.

  • Customised Solutions: Each session is tailored to your child’s unique needs, ensuring they receive the most effective and personalised support.

  • Proven Techniques: Utilising evidence-based solution-focused hypnotherapy, Jason equips teenagers with practical tools and strategies that lead to real, lasting change.

Help your teenager overcome school anxiety and unlock their full potential with the School Anxiety Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy Package.


Contact Jason today to schedule your free consultation and take the first step towards a brighter.

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