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How Fear Led Me to My Passion...

Before I became a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, I'd considered

going into counselling; however, due to my dyslexia, I never considered myself academic enough, and so I never thought I'd be good enough to do the work required. However, I knew I wanted to help people with mental health issues, as I'd had my own struggles in the past, So I knew how it felt to suffer.

For as long as I could remember, I'd suffered from a fear of food. I would have panic attacks when thinking about having/trying new foods, and while I knew it was irrational, I couldn't seem to get a hold of my feelings around my fear.

So, after many failed attempts at trying to 'fix' my fear, I eventually decided to research hypnotherapy. I read so much about it, and without a doubt, it seemed the next logical thing for me to try. But, of course, I had my reservations; I'd seen some bizarre representations of hypnotherapy over my years, and so while I was intrigued, I was also cautious.

I eventually discovered a hypnotherapist called Brian. As I had limited knowledge at the time about hypnotherapy, he spent the time explaining how the brain works and how he could help me eradicate my fear. He addressed all my concerns and busted every myth I could throw at him. I felt pretty confident that he could help me, so I signed up.

After my second session with Brain, I felt so much better; during this session, we discussed the possibility of trying some new foods, steak in particular. I'd never attempted steak before as the thought of it had previously made me start to panic. A week later, I was sat at the dinner table at home looking at my plate with a steak on it. I'd not thought about it much; in fact, no thoughts had popped into my head at all. At that moment, I realised that I'd not had a panic attack about trying it; I had no feelings other than to eat the steak and enjoy it.

So, I cut into it and began eating it. When I was finished eating, I was totally shocked but immensely satisfied. To this day, a Steak makes up one of my favourite meals.

Over the subsequent sessions, I tried many different foods, including ravioli (which I love) and pepperami (which I didn't like). I tried fish and thought that was OK, but the main point is that I tried it and didn't have any panic moments or fear.

Towards the end of my time with Brian, I spoke to him about how I'd signed up for my level 1 Counselling course. Brian suggested that I'd make a good hypnotherapist, but I wasn't so sure. I completed Level 1, but, unfortunately, I couldn't get onto Level 2. I then spoke with Brian's wife, Sian, who'd been helping one of my sons. Sian spoke to me about becoming a hypnotherapist and explained how I could use it to help people. She spoke about using it for sports performance, which really interested me. So, the next day, I decided to talk to Brian about signing up for the course in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

I've been on a fantastic journey and met many amazing people from all different backgrounds. I've now been in this business for two years, and I'm so happy I can positively impact people's lives to help them live their lives to their full potential.

I can't really call it a job as I love doing this. It's part of me and my journey. I’m so passionate about helping people because nobody deserves to live a life of fear, limitation or mental health issues.

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