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Free Initial Consultation (in person)

Therapist for Anxiety - Initial Consultation in Polegate near Eastbourne - 45 minutes

  • 45 min
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Service Description

Choosing a therapist for anxiety - especially for your teenager - is a daunting task. I understand that. I am a dad of four boys. You need to feel really confident in any therapist for anxiety. And they need to feel comfortable with that person too. I try to aid that process by offering you and your teen a free 45 minute consultation, in my quiet cabin in Polegate, near Eastbourne in East Sussex. (Also available online.) Here are some questions I am often asked about being a therapist for anxiety. Are you a Qualified Therapist for Anxiety? - Yes, I am a qualified and experienced Solution Focused Hypnotherapist- see more on the ‘about’ page. - I combine both hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to help tweens and teenagers overcome many types of anxiety and make positive changes in a short period of time. What happens in the free initial consultation? - You can expect a relaxed conversation. I'll introduce myself and my work as a therapist for anxiety. - We’ll chat about your young person's current situation, and I will explain what solution focused hypnotherapy is and the neuroscience of anxiety in a very accessible way. It is empowering for young people to realise how the brain works and that there is an explanation for their mental and physical symptoms of anxiety. It is important to note that your tween or teenager does NOT have to go into distressing conversations about upsets from their past in future sessions. Instead we will be focused on positive experiences, the goals they want to achieve and utilise guided hypnosis to help them overcome negative thoughts and fears. My goal, as your therapist for anxiety, is for them to move forward to a calm and happier life - and for you, as the parent/carer to feel hugely relieved and less stressed too. “My 16 year old daughter is now a lot better with her anxiety and depression. I have seen a complete change in her. Jason knows what he is talking about and knows how to speak with teenagers.” Paul - Eastbourne What happens next? - If you both feel comfortable and confident in moving forward with me as your therapist for anxiety, I would feel very privileged to support you. - Please visit the Teenage Anxiety Therapy Package page, where you can book 6 x 1 hour sessions - online or face to face in Polegate, near Eastbourne, East Sussex. Hypnosis is not a substitute for medical treatment and clients should always consult with their physician before beginning hypnotherapy.

Cancellation Policy

Full payment is required if given less than 24 hours notice.

Contact Details

  • +447539815909

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